Cara James

Cara James

Episode 007 | Astrology Week of December 21, 2020

Happy Solstice and Jupiter-Saturn conjunction day! It’s a big day in the heavens. Let’s talk about darkness and light and the big shifts ahead.


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Speaker 0 00:00:00 It’s a beautiful day in the universe. You’re listening to cosmically yours, a podcast with intuitive astrologer, Cara James. I’m glad you’re here. Not just listening in. I’m glad you’re here on the planet. The world needs you to claim your brilliance and in these weekly audio letters, I hope to inspire you to do just that

Speaker 1 00:00:24 Monday, December 21st, 2020 dear listener. It’s a big day in the cosmos. Perhaps you’re feeling it. A lot of us have been feeling a lot. The last few days the moon has been in Pisces. We were in a Crescent moon. It’s a bit of an emotional struggle time. I know it had me in tears for a few minutes yesterday, you know, just the normal existential crisis that pops up now. And then, and, uh, my son also found me in tears today. I was just hanging out in the kitchen about to make some lunch and my sweet 12 old boy who, you know, isn’t really want for emotional displays. These days, uh, came running up to me, uh, gave me a great big hug, spilled tears all over my sweater and said, I miss baby Yoda. It turned out he was just finishing, watching the final episode of the Mandalorian.

Speaker 1 00:01:21 And if you’ve seen it, you know how adorable baby Yoda is and uh, at the end baby, well, my vision spoil it, but anyway, baby Yoda goes away and, um, you know, got him in tears and I thought, okay, yep. Crescent, Pisces, moon. Uh, not, not a huge surprise, but fortunately for me, I got a nice big mama hug, which I don’t always get. And, um, and now we’re moving on. We’re moving into areas, uh, energy this afternoon, which we’ll talk about a little bit later, but the, the big thing that’s happening today, actually two really big things are happening today. But the first of which is it’s the solstice, as you likely know. And often we here in the North call it the, um, the winter solstice, but it’s, it’s better to call it the December solstice because it’s happening both in the North and in the South.

Speaker 1 00:02:12 And solstice essentially means where the sun stands still. It’s an astronomical point. It’s the furthest that the sun will get from the equator. And we use the solstices and equinoxes as major pivot points in the wheel of the year. Um, thus also pivot points for our 12 signed Zodiac. We divide the sky. We divide time based on the solstices and equinoxes, and then divide into 12 equal signs. And the sign of Sagittarius where the sun has just left is a sign of movement. It’s the sign that moves us towards the, uh, the Trop Tropic of Capricorn and delivers the sun to this space where is currently now and Tropic coasts or Tropic corn or Tropic coasts, uh, literally means turnaround. It’s the spot where the sun gets to and turns around before beginning either it’s a scent or descent towards the equator. And I got to say, I’m, I’m feeling like a bit of a solstice curmudgeon today.

Speaker 1 00:03:20 And social media will often do this to me. I get a little irritated sometimes about, um, I don’t know, the, sometimes the flippant uses of astrology. And of course this, this case, it’s also astronomy. Um, but everybody who’s posting about the solstice seems to be already celebrating the return of the light. And frankly, the light doesn’t really start growing, um, for us here in the North until until tomorrow. I mean, the solstice is the shortest day for us here in the North, the longest day for those in the South. It’s the, it’s the point of celebrating the extremes, not the change we can save that change for tomorrow. And as a society, we do glorify the light, you know, and he’d film or, um, you know, bit of literature. I mean, the good guys are, are always in white and the bad guys are in black.

Speaker 1 00:04:20 Societaly the lighter skin you have, the more privilege you tend to have. You know, we generally in the West have an issue with darkness. We are such a hurried culture, a striving culture. I mean, electricity itself means that we never have to be in darkness. We are never forced to rest. We can burn both ends of the candle as it were. We can run our shops and our workers night and day to increase profit. And, you know, we associate the solar principle with the masculine. Is it surprising at all that the feminine yin darkness has been suppressed in our culture, in our society. And yet in nature, nothing is meant to grow exponentially. Everything is kept in check, kept in balance, the sun and the moon, the seasons, the predators and prey darkness though has its own special magic in darkness. We increase our inner sight in darkness.

Speaker 1 00:05:26 We can feel empowered without that risk of being seen in darkness. We can see the truth of our own being all things begin in darkness from the creation of the world, to the tiny garden seed, to the spark of life within a mother’s womb. So let us not rush through the darkness to return to the light. Each has something special to teach us. And if you’re in a place of darkness now, um, know that in the deep earth and spaces of beer being there exists in you, a quiet incubation, something is becoming this darkness is required for whatever is to grow. And so today our son, the King of the sky, the co ruler of our heavens has reached his farthest journey South of the equator because even sovereigns know their limits and here the King will rest for three days, neither claiming nor descending.

Speaker 1 00:06:32 Um, the solstice, the sun stays, the sun sits, the sun rests. And for those of us who seek to live in the rhythms of nature, we are wise to, to rest at this time. And in this rest, whether you’re experiencing the shortest day in the North or the longest day in the South, we realize that anything contains everything today is both the day of greatest darkness and greatest light, depending on your perspective. And of course, as I mentioned today is not just important due to the solstice. Um, we also have another big, big event Saturn and Jupiter. The largest planets in our solar system came together, uh, today for their every 20 year connection. And you’ve probably heard about this either here on my show, or maybe you’ve seen articles, and this has been referred to as the Christmas star because it’s believed that the magic, the wise men reported in the Bible, um, that they were following this bright star to find the baby Jesus.

Speaker 1 00:07:39 And there is some evidence that it may be a Saturn and Jupiter when they come together, they’re both bright in their own, right. Um, create an even brighter star and Saturn and Jupiter coming together has often marked the shifts in kingdoms when a new King is, is coming. And so of course, you know that the Bible, baby Jesus, the King that was to come now, this coming together of Saturn and Jupiter is an event that you can see in the sky. We’ve had a hell of a hard time seeing it here in Portland the last few days. Um, of course we’ve been covered in clouds as we often are. And I was grateful to be able to see it some weeks in advance that Saturn and Jupiter are getting closer and closer together. But hopefully you have a view of, of this event in your skies.

Speaker 1 00:08:25 Um, just as of today, they will, they made a connection this morning, um, and you know, shortly thereafter Jupiter’s a faster moving planet. So Jupiter has now outpaced Saturn. So you’ll be able to start to see that shift, um, in the heavens as well. But one thing I noticed this morning, I was just sitting on my couch and join a little bit of coffee. I don’t do caffeine well, but I always take a few little sips. And I was just sitting there noticing the clouds outside were moving incredibly swiftly. I don’t know if you saw that or if that was happening in your neck of the woods, but it was really arresting to look up and notice, uh, how, how fast the clouds were moving. And I just thought the winds of change are here. Saturn and Jupiter have connected. They’ve combined here in the sign of Aquarius.

Speaker 1 00:09:21 It’s the solstice. It’s a time of great change. Now when Saturn and Jupiter come together, there’s a bit of a push pull. Saturn is the stronger of the planets. And in fact, each has quite a different nature in traditional astrology. Saturn is known as a melodic, a planet that can harm life. Jupiter is a Benefic, uh, one that is supportive of life. So they’re quite different from one another. They are somewhat at odds. Um, so there’s this kind of push pull energy because Jupiter is known to expand, uh, and expose and Saturn is a planet that constricts and contracts. So there’s a bit of creative tension. That’s born out of these two coming together, uh, and tugging talking over one another and, you know, Jupiter is an eternal optimist and a risk-taker. So, uh, moving into Aquarius, he may be swooning about all the different possibilities, thinking about progress.

Speaker 1 00:10:26 What’s ahead. What can we create? What can we invent? Uh, what, what could society look and be like, and Saturn’s coming along with, you know, his clipboard and, and pen saying, but do we have the structures? Do we have the capital? Do we have the means to make this happen? How are we going to do it? So they’re really a wonderful team, uh, and a team that makes a lot of shifts and changes in society. And, uh, as you know, this is an exciting time because there every 20 year meetup for the next few hundred years will now take place in air signs. So signs of Swift change and progress in communication and, um, you know, structuring our ideas. So it’s a really, really, really exciting time, um, to be here. And Aquarius is a sign that rules, um, well, quite a lot of things that we often think of technology, um, scientific advancement, um, we think of media in different forms.

Speaker 1 00:11:25 Aquarius can get messages out to a wide audience, social media falls under the auspices of Aquarius. And so these are, these are areas where we may see growth. We may also see restriction and regulation. Um, but there’s a lot of focus that will be here, you know, in the sign of Aquarius for the next few years. And there’s going to be some tension as we move through 2021, between this air energy, the sky energy of Aquarius and the earth, energy of tourists. There will be a number of squares, which is a tense aspect, uh, between Saturn and Uranus in these signs. And, you know, I’ve been thinking about, well, I shouldn’t say I’ve been thinking today. I started thinking about a children’s book that you may have seen, uh, written by Leo Leoni, the story of Fredrick, the mouse. Um, it’s got a cute little mouse on the cover, holding a flower.

Speaker 1 00:12:27 You may remember that image. And I love children’s books. I will say it was one of my goals long ago to write children’s books. And who knows, perhaps that will come back someday, but I have a huge, huge love of children’s books. And I’m Leo Leoni, author, and illustrator is just absolutely wonderful. And in this story, Fredrick, the mouse lives with his fellow friends and it’s, you know, it’s fall and there they’re all harvesting the nuts and the seeds and all of the different things that they need to be able to survive the winter. And meanwhile, all his friends are gathering and, um, doing what they need to do Frederick is, is just walking around, looking at the colors of the trees and of the flowers. And he’s, you know, you could look at him and go, gosh, he’s goofing off. Everybody is gathering what they need.

Speaker 1 00:13:29 And he’s just kind of walking around, being a bit of a dreamer and an artist. And so the fellow friends would say, Frederick, what are you doing? And he said, uh, or they said, what are you doing for work? And he said, well, I do work. I, I gather sunrays for the cold dark winter days. I gather colors for a winter is gray. He says, I’m gathering words for the winter days are long and many. And we’ll run out of things to say, so his priorities were quite different from that of his friends. And the story goes, they go into their little cave or crevice where they’re spending the winter and they are sustained by all of the little nuts and seeds that the friends had gathered. And when those were out, when those supplies draw down, the friends say, what about your supplies, Frederick?

Speaker 1 00:14:27 And he speaks of the sun and the mice begin to feel warmer. He paints colors into their minds. He shares with them a poem. And these bits of creativity and artistry are what carry them through the final days of winter. And so I’m thinking about this in relation to the tension between Aquarius and tourists. Tourists is assign an earth sign that likes the, having a plan likes knowing what’s what’s happening, having security and stability. Those are it’s like the mice who are gathering the resources that they need to make sure that they can survive. The harsh winter and Aquarius is quite a creative and inventive energy. One that is not particularly concerned with going with the, um, with the status quo. And so here’s Frederick a little Aquarian mouse saying, well, I am working. I’m just working in a really different way from you. And I’m gathering resources that are equally important, though.

Speaker 1 00:15:37 They might not look that look like that to you. So I’m thinking of this tension between Aquarius and Taurus, as you know, showing up in us in some way this year. And it will, depending on, uh, you know, in different ways, depending on how these energies show up in your chart. So your gifts, your joy this year may be at odds with what sustains you, this new path, this new way of being may look very different from the tourists plan. And yet if we work together and we all give each other the space to be radically ourselves, very Aquarian, we can thrive. We can come together as a community, uh, Frederick wasn’t gathering acorns, but he needed acorns. His friends weren’t gathering beauty, and yet they needed it when the Knights screw dim. So Aquarius is an energy that helps us show up with our individual strengths to make the world a better place.

Speaker 1 00:16:40 Ultimately, it is about the community. It is about furthering society in some way, but it requires us to show up as uniquely ourselves. So this is one of the big themes of the coming year that Saturn and Jupiter are just kicking off, just getting started by moving into Aquarius in the last few days and meeting together today. So look to your chart, see where you have Aquarian energy, which house house is just a way we divide up, uh, space, uh, in the sky, um, representing different areas of your life. So depending on where this Aquarian energy is, um, we’ll have, there’ll be some messages around what your, where that tension is in your life, that creative tension, and perhaps what you’re being asked to do with that. So take note and take a peek at your chart and ask, how can I bring all of myself, all of my genius forward in the next few years, and you will be well well-served, let’s take a look at the rest of the week.

Speaker 1 00:17:46 Again, there’s been a lot going on. We’ve had a number of planets change signs. Of course. Um, the sun today at solstice moved into Capricorn, um, just yesterday, mercury moved into Capricorn. So these two planets are conjuncture. They are hanging out at the same spot in the Zodiac right now. And of course they’re answering to Saturn in Aquarius. So they’re getting ready to develop a new, a new plan. Um, so today, as I mentioned, we are in the Crescent moon energy of Pisces and just in the next half hour, depending when you’re listening to this at 2:32 PM, the moon moves into Aries. So we kind of can leave a little bit of that. Woe is me, I’m confused. What’s going on. This is, this is hard energy into Aries, which is much more directed. And, um, and later this afternoon, uh, the moon will move into a, uh, first quarter moon.

Speaker 1 00:18:44 So that’s a moon of action of, I can do it. I will do it. And I’m going to push, push, push, and make it happen. So Aries moon helps us be able to let frustration fuel us in some way. So notice if that’s rising up in you and realize that you have a call to action, uh, the moon will stay in areas throughout Tuesday on, uh, on Wednesday as well. And on Wednesday we have, uh, another tough energy. We have Mars who is, has, you know, we know he’s retrograded through Aries. He’s been a big player. This year made many squares to the outer planets that were related to the COVID conversation. And on Wednesday, Mars does his very last pass of making a tense relationship, a square with the planet Pluto. So when, when Mars and Pluto have had this relationship earlier in the year, it’s spurred up on COVID.

Speaker 1 00:19:45 Um, number’s increasing, um, you know, lots of, lots of different things that we’ve seen, uh, with this Mars square. And this is the final one, the final pass, um, for Maurice to create this tense energy and then moves on and we’ll sail into tourists, um, uh, not too far after. So just watch, watch for Wednesday, just know that there’s kind of a completion of the story. Whatever has been stirring in you. If you’ve had a lot going on in the last six months, um, Wednesday may be kind of the final message, the final push, the final aha of whatever that tension has been about. So take note of Wednesday, um, on Thursday, early in the morning, 2:55 AM Pacific time, uh, the moon will shift into tourists. Uh, it will move into a gibbous moon, so where our light is growing, we’re preparing for the full moon to come, and this is a real nice energy for, uh, for Christmas Eve and for, uh, for Christmas day, if you celebrate, um, moon in Taurus is exalted there.

Speaker 1 00:20:50 So, um, it’s just a real pleasant place. The moon likes to hang out and it’s a nice energy for being with our families, being home, enjoying the pleasures of life. So I’m very happy to see the lovely moons that we have, um, for our holiday celebrations. And then on, um, let’s see, on Friday, moon will still be in Taurus and, uh, makes a really nice aspect to Neptune. So there’s this kind of sweet, inspired energy. And then the next day, Saturday, the 26th, the moon will move into Gemini. And again, it’s still a gibbous moon. So there’s this growth of ideas, um, perfecting, uh, what we’ve been thinking about, what we’ve been working on. So another nice day moon we’ll make some trines first to Pluto and Saturn and Jupiter. So there’s this kind of nice healing balm type of energy amongst the planets that have been stirring up a lot in society this year.

Speaker 1 00:21:49 And on Sunday, the 27th, the moon will remain in Gemini. Um, there’s another, uh, big thing that day with, uh, uh, sun will trine Uranus, and this will begin to trigger a, um, Uranus. Who’s currently retrograde going direct on January 14th. So we’ll talk more about Uranus in the weeks ahead, but that’s some of what’s happening in the sky this week. So I wish you a happy solstice, a time of rest and renewal of rooting into this Capricorn season, which at its very best as a celebration of the wisdom of the earth, of the feminine. And with that, I wish you, well, I remain Cosmically Yours, Cara James

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