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Hello! I just started a brand new podcast and this is my VERY first episode. I’m still spiffy-ing up the website. Images, transcripts, and more episodes will be added soon! <3 Happy Listening! ~Cara

001 | Worth the Wait

001 | Worth the Wait

In her first “letter” to listeners, Cara shares encouragement in these tough cosmic times, with examples from her experience of adopting her son internationally.

In her first “letter” to listeners, Cara shares encouragement in these tough cosmic times, with examples from her experience of adopting her son internationally.


Friday, March 27, 2020
Dear Listener,

How are you? Have you already eaten your stash of emergency chips? Are you regretting buying all those beans now that you’re trapped indoors…? Mmm hmm. Welcome to my house!
How are you — really? I’m guessing you’re ready for life to return to normal. To get back to that illusion that we had some control over our realities. This is a new experience for all of us.

You may feel downtrodden and weary. You may have lost your job. Worse yet, people you care about. In these confined spaces, let us make space to hold the heartache.
You may be curious, fascinated, looking for solutions. What a unique time this is to be alive.

Perhaps you are working harder than you’ve ever worked before – like our friends on the front lines in health care – like my mom in Washington state.
What’s amazing is that, whoever you are, dear Listener, wherever you are, there are millions, perhaps billions of people, holding you in their hearts right now. Reaching out tendrils of prayer and concern and love. Isn’t that amazing? Your community, far and wide, has your back.
And despite that feeling in your chest like you can’t breathe, due to all the pressure and feelings that have no place to go, your body sees to it that you do breathe, rhythmically and continuously. Isn’t that amazing? Your body has your back.
And no matter what thoughts are swirling around in your head, about what this is all about, what this means for you and your future and your family’s future, I can assure you there a is greater force at work that does know. That is supporting you, and bringing you the very experiences you need to grow and develop into the amazing person you’re already becoming. The planets, the Cosmos, the Divine have your back.
I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m not saying there will be chips! Or toilet paper.
I don’t know how long this will go on
Some intuitives and astrologers might say they know, But the way I see the world – energy is not static – and life is not fated. The planets that are behind the big societal shifts we’re seeing have many expressions. As astrologers we do our best to capture the essence of those energies – but the planets vibrate in many ways.
The planetary energy we’re witnessing on the world stage can bring both expansion of illness as well as expansion of healing. And we have a part to play in this – how will we work with these energies in our own lives and in our communities? Will we interpret things from a place of fear, or of possibility?
Time will tell…

But one thing I know – is we must wait. Inside. Alone, for many of us. And the waiting is the hardest part.
It’s one thing to wait for something that has an end date. Where you can have a sense of anticipation or closure. And it’s another to wait when there’s no timeline.

If you had to drink nothing but kale smoothies for a week, you could do it! I could probably do it for a month. I have insane willpower and like kale. But not knowing when you’d be able to eat again, that’s just crazy making.

And coronavirus ain’t no kale smoothie.
I’m an expert at waiting. In fact, I first learned about astrology in a season of waiting Long ago, I worked in Africa, in the little country of Malawi. I had founded a small nonprofit that worked there, around HIV/AIDS education. I was rocking my Aquarius Moon, as a humanitarian.

I don’t think I ever really intended to get pregnant. I had told my mom as a young girl that I planned to adopt because I didn’t want the pain. But then it happened-  my husband and I got pregnant. And were filled with such great joy until… I had an early miscarriage – which was devastating.
A month or two later, I was back in Malawi and – I remember the exact moment when it hit me. I realized my miscarriage wasn’t a burden – it was a gift. In that moment, I knew there was a baby for me to adopt there in Malawi. I didn’t find him for another five months, but he was born that very week, perhaps that very moment the Divine tapped on my heart and said this sadness was for a reason.

My story of becoming an adoptive mom is beautiful and tragic and LONG. So I’ll spare you some of the details – the kidnapping, the blackmail, the drama. The point now is about waiting.

My son’s adoption should have been straightforward, but it was anything but.

And if you’ve spent much time in Africa, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “Come back tomorrow.” Whether you’re at the post office, bank, restaurant that ran out of food, or the internet cafe without internet, you’ll hear, “Come back tomorrow.
Well, tomorrow turned into next week, and the week after that, and the next month, and so on and so forth. And none of it was fair – here was a child who needed a home and here were parents who already loved him, but we couldn’t be together due to bureaucracy.
And there were times we wondered if we should persist through the heartache and the financial strife, and the turmoil. And one day, after many court dates that never came to pass, I got a call from the other side of the world saying I was a mother. And I screamed the most primal screen, as if I had given birth myself. We adoptive parents go through our own labor.
The waiting paid off.
It turned out that the planet Saturn was the teacher behind my waiting – hanging out in what we astrologers refer to as the fifth house of children and creativity.

I knew nothing of astrology, and grew up quite conservatively actually. But when my boss at the time saw the hardship I was going through (and again, the story is much longer and more involved), she knew that I was in a cosmic season involving Saturn. That was my intro to astrology. Who knew my calling would be birthed alongside my baby?

Saturn is one of the big Cosmic players behind what we’re seeing in society right now. Saturn brings limits and restrictions and tough lessons. Saturn dismantles our very foundations to reveal what is and isn’t serving us. And with Saturn recently popping into the sign of Aquarius, we see a focus on restrictions for the benefit of humanity. We’ll talk about the planets much more in the near future.

But for now, it’s perhaps enough to know that we’re in a Cosmic season. And seasons are impermanent, always changing. This season has the makings of being longer and more difficult than anyone would like. 

We might wonder if we should really “come back tomorrow”?
One thing I’ve learned about Saturn, is that he rewards our diligence and endurance in the face of trials. 

It might not be a baby or a calling, but I know something will be birthed in you by the end of this season. And I know the waiting will be worth it.
I remain, Cosmically Yours,
Cara James

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