Cara James

All of nature is comprised of four primary elements: earth, water, fire, and air… psychological blueprint… indelible. The soul speaks in signs and symbols. - Elemental Nature

Just as a seed grows according to its unique energetic blueprint, and birds know where and when to migrate, so too does your soul have an innate knowing about your purpose and the unique conditions you need to grow.

I’m an elemental healer - I help people restore balance in their soma, souls, and spaces. I work with you to understand your unique elemental nature…. All new clients undergo an elemental nature assessment…. as we move along the wheel of life, we begin to notice our unique patterns. I tell people their stories - define their character, struggles, triumphs - I tell the best story of their lives and then let them live it.

My clients are excited by change and ready to make big shifts.



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What Clients Are Saying

“What an amazing session!  Cara renewed my belief in a greater system that exists in the universe.  After drifting away from the cosmos for many years, due to a busy life getting in the way, she has brought me right back into the fold. I feel totally enlightened, Cara’s attention to detail was incredible. She’s also extremely perceptive, thoughtful, and intuitive!

”Cara has the ability to use her gift of intuition and sensitivity to help others understand where they are in their lives, whether it be in her astrology study or her intuitive work. Her insight helped me understand and be aware of how I can be at peace with the past and work on healing my life.” Linda

“Cara is a great listener, and I was impressed with how seamlessly she connected my chart to all aspects of my life. Cara’s reading was astonishingly relevant and personal. She explained everything clearly and made sure the reading was accessible to me. I left with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for my personal life and my closest relationships. I highly recommend Cara and believe everyone will benefit from her insights!” — Alexis


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