Cara James

We are all intuitive beings with an innate knowing of what we are “here” to do, learn, and be. Along the way, we encounter people and situations that urge us to question that knowing.

Perhaps you’re seeking to Understand:

  • Your life purpose and how to create greater fulfillment

  • Why certain life patterns keep repeating & how to learn from / flow with them

  • The energetic source of illness or pain in your body, & how to create more calm and ease

  • Why a relationship is challenging, & how you can begin to heal it

  • What messages your spirit guides, angels, totems, ancestors, & the divine have for you

  • How to deepen your intuitive gifts and grow on your spiritual path

  • How to manifest your lifelong dream, career, business, partner, & more!


I’m Cara James.

I help people connect to their inner wisdom. Together, we’ll journey to unearth and understand your true nature - the authentic YOU! We’ll discover the unique life lessons you’ve chosen to explore, and the greater purpose these serve in your unfolding development. I use a number of metaphysical tools, including:

* astrology * intuitive guidance * and energy healing *







I aim to bring awareness and healing to patterns and traumas, and inspire you to step into your best life. Our session may focus on your astrological natal or couples composite chart, intuitive guidance, past lives, chakra clearing, cord cutting, medical intuition, updating soul contracts, relationship karma, and more.

My website is currently under development, so check back soon for more info, or reach out to me directly!



I offer sessions in-person in Southeast Portland, at local fairs, and at New Renaissance Bookstore. I also work with clients remotely with all session types.

Please contact me directly to book a complimentary 20 minute consult, or a 60, 90, or 120 minute appointment. Rates are $120/hour.

Feel free to call or text me at 503-428-4342 or use the contact form below.

You can also find me on Facebook!

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What Clients Are Saying

“What an amazing session!  Cara renewed my belief in a greater system that exists in the universe.  After drifting away from the cosmos for many years, due to a busy life getting in the way, she has brought me right back into the fold. I feel totally enlightened, Cara’s attention to detail was incredible. She’s also extremely perceptive, thoughtful, and intuitive!

”Cara has the ability to use her gift of intuition and sensitivity to help others understand where they are in their lives, whether it be in her astrology study or her intuitive work. Her insight helped me understand and be aware of how I can be at peace with the past and work on healing my life.” Linda

“Cara is a great listener, and I was impressed with how seamlessly she connected my chart to all aspects of my life. Cara’s reading was astonishingly relevant and personal. She explained everything clearly and made sure the reading was accessible to me. I left with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for my personal life and my closest relationships. I highly recommend Cara and believe everyone will benefit from her insights!” — Alexis