Birth Charts & Year Ahead

Explore Your Life's Map

A birth chart reading can help us access a deeper understanding of who we are -- and what we’re here to learn and experience, as souls. In it, we can see our personalities, strengths, fears, and joys, and see our life as a mythic story of overcoming challenges intended to help us grow. 

A chart reading with Cara is empowering, uplifting, encouraging, and enlightening, and is typically the best place to begin your journey as a new client. (It's an equally great place to continue your journey as an existing client.)

Cara will prep your natal birth chart, transits, solar return (if the appointment is near your birthday), and a few other charts in advance of the session. In her signature style, Cara can weave intuitive messages and healings into the reading, based on your needs.

Astrology - 60 Min

This is a good place to start.

Astrology - 90 Min

For most clients, 90 minutes is the sweet spot! 

Astrology - 2-Hour

If you have a lot of questions to cover, a two-hour session may best.