Client Results

Transformational Testimonials

Astrology readings can provide deep clarity and motivate powerful action. Hear from past and current clients about their transformations, often after just one reading.

On Intuitive Astrology

"Cara, you are magic. I felt a huge sense of relief (and release) after our call. The session with you was truly inspiring. Thank you for the cosmic kick in the pants." - Megan W.
Explorer & Feng Shui Consultant, The Dalles, OR
"I’ve been feeling a lot more at ease and expansive since our session. My 'divine discontent' is transitioning to hope and possibilities!" - Sundhara L.
Founder of Serenity Tax & Accounting, West Linn, OR
“Cara is an excellent intuitive astrologer and coach. When I had a reading with her, my book development was at a standstill and I had put the whole project on hold indefinitely. Interestingly, she picked up on my book right away without my having mentioned it, and gave me the encouragement and definitive next steps that I needed to get re-inspired and actually finish it. Cara's insights and ability to present information in an accessible way are incredibly helpful. I highly recommend her readings at any point, but especially if you need wise input to help you accomplish your goals.” - Sheila Hoover
Author of Helping Through Heartache, Portland, OR
“I can't stop thinking about our session and I feel like I've told 100 people about you! It was really amazing and affirming for me.” - Tennys E.
"I'm starting a brand new job in a few weeks. One that is going to be amazing. And, thanks to you… I wasn’t afraid to take the leap and I stuck to what I wanted. All good things!" - Ashley S.
“Your work is seriously magical.” – Kenny R.
Massage Therapist, Portland, Or
"I just submitted an application to write a chapter in a book about generational healing. I have never spoken about myself in this way before and you helped me immensely!" - Marcia R.
Astrologer & Healer, Boseman, MT
“I’ve already been telling my friends about your wonderful energy and professionalism. You are a true gift. I will 100% reach out for more of your guidance.” – Kate
Librarian, Eugene, OR
“Spending time with you catapulted me into action and it feels perfectly right. YES!” – Vivian
Financially Independent, Portland, OR
“I've done a lot of astrology work, but you have a unique approach and are very insightful.” - Dayan
“I feel totally enlightened. Cara’s is extremely perceptive, thoughtful, and intuitive! She nailed my personality and targeted my strengths I had lost sight of.” -Suzanne
Administration, Spokane, WA
‘Cara is able to give you a better understanding of who you innately are. She guides you to navigate the pushes and pulls of the universe.” – Heather Scrimgeour
Educator and Founder of Wylde Heather, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“I feel so clear about my life’s purpose and meaning on such a deep level that I no longer question if I’m on the right path.” – Emerald
Reiki Healer & Medium, Chico, CA
“Cara’s insight helped me understand and be at peace with the past, so I could work on healing my life.” – Linda F.
Artist, Portland, OR
“Cara's blend of chart mapping, planetary translation, and intuitive reading was enlightening. I will be going back for more." - Tanya S.
Portland, OR

On Relationship Readings

"We got so much out of our reading! It's funny to say, but I think it even strengthened our relationship even more!" - Carol
Healthcare Industry, Portland, OR

On Business Astrology

“Cara provided an incredibly valuable space for me to dial in the next iteration of my business. She offered a fresh perspective through her unique approach to astrology, plus supported my process with needed energy work. Her insights about my Mars placement and how to more fully activate its potential helped guide my new marketing strategy. Cara used a tool called the Venus Star Point that helped me tune in to my mission, my clients, and my support systems. Our sessions were a great investment for this next phase of growth.” - E.V.
Portland, OR
“I had a reading with Cara James as I was questioning if I was on the right path with starting my business. I had been turned down from a big opportunity and wasn’t seeing momentum and growth like I had hoped. Cara knew things about me that aren’t just able to be guessed. She is truly intuitive in her reading of your chart. I got the answers I was looking for and have now started to see things she predicted come into fruition. The reading also helped me understand myself more, and has helped in my relationships with others too. Powerful stuff -- both personally and professionally. Her reading restored my confidence in my path as an entrepreneur, and enlightened me about what kind of leader I can become. I highly recommend Cara James. I even bought my mom a reading for Mother’s Day! She loved it, and we’ve been comparing charts to understand each other better.“ - Amanda Ferrat
Founder of Value Yourself Coaching, Tillamook, OR

On Energy Healing

"Thank you so much, Cara!! I actually relaxed AND worked this weekend, and got SO much done. Like, stuff that's been on my to-do list for TWO years! LOL! It was awesome." – Tracey H.
Real Estate Business Owner, Portland, OR

On Skepticism

“I came into the process of having my natal chart read as a skeptic, but had heard very good things about Cara's work. When my reading was done, I left with a new appreciation of astrology, and a bit of internal questioning. What Cara had to say, the insights she offered into my personality and some of the possible reasons for why I do what I do, were almost frightening. But what I liked most was her approach -- more like a counselor or therapist than someone simply providing me a rote reading of what a book might say the stars meant to me based on my birth. Cara spent time to go through different aspects of what certain planetary alignments and astrological placements in my life meant. She took the time to dig into my answers and provide thoughtful feedback. She asked questions, she offered suggestions, and she truly seems to care about her clients. Again, as a skeptic, I was predisposed to resist, but I didn't. I truly appreciate what she was able to provide and would be interested in going back for more discussions.” - Wes
Portland, Oregon

On Religion & Spirituality

“What’s great is how you’ve transformed my view of astrology. I was raised that God manages everything and astrology was the opposite of that. Now I see that astrology is really about energy from planets, nature, and all kinds of things that mesh with a spiritual God-based belief. So for people who believe that a greater spiritual being (God) created the universe, everything in astrology is part of that creation.” – Kris
Nonprofit Management, Reno, Nevada