Relationship Astrology

For Couples, Friends, & Family

Astrology provides many benefits for understanding our relationships. Our astrology charts show how we connect, give and receive love, and what we need to feel secure. They also show how we approach things like communication and sex. Sometimes our needs are quite complex, and don't always make sense -- like needing both closeness and freedom.

Exploring our individual and couples' charts can provide solutions for creating satisfying connections.

You in Relationship

This reading is for individuals who want to understand their unique patterns and dynamics in relationships. 

Relationship Compatibility & Purpose

This reading is designed for two people to participate in together. This could be lovers or partners, parent and child, or any other relationship type. The key is that both people need to be present for this reading, out of respect for the very private information contained in each person’s chart. If your other half does not wish to participate, please select the “You in Relationship” reading.

This reading will look at the personalities and relationship needs of each person individually, as well as the dynamics present in the relationship itself. This will include looking at natal birth charts, synastry charts (how you relate), and relationship composite charts (the purpose of the relationship).

Electing an Auspicious Date for a Wedding

Everything contains the cosmic energy that was present at its inception: People, businesses, and yes, partnerships! Start your life together on the right foot by using astrology to find your perfect wedding date!