Intuitive & Energetic

Readings & Healings

While Cara can weave intuition and energy work into any reading, these sessions fully focus on clearing energetic barriers that are holding you back.

Intuitive Reading

This reading explores life events, opportunities, and questions from an intuitive perspective. Cara will look at the energy of your spirit, call in ancestral guides with wisdom and advice, read any past lives (if relevant), and share soulful messages. Tarot or runes can be included, if desired.

Energy Clearing & Chakra Healing

In this remote healing, Cara will clear your energetic channels and chakras, read any important messages contained within them, and get your energy grooving again! She’ll also help you “set your space” for how you want to feel in the future.

Guided Soul Journey

Cara is a Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner, and thinks Soul Journeys are the best! These are essentially one-on-one guided meditations. They can take you into a past life, a sticky issue, a relationship, etc., so YOU can receive powerful messages from your soul.