Venus Star Point Readings

Get Guidance from the Goddess

The Venus Star Point is a recent and revolutionary astrological discovery that adds five additional power points to our natal charts - based on the cosmic dance between Venus and the Sun just before and after we were born. These points form a beautiful pentagram in our charts (and the sky!) and point the way toward how we can find greater joy, harmony, and fulfillment in our lives. Venus is all about pleasure, creativity, and beauty, after all!

Astrological activations to our natal Venus Star Points (based on where planets are now or in the future) can correspond to major events and turning points in our lives. And the present-day Venus Star Points also act as planetary transits and can influence the course of events and life lessons.

Cara is one of only a few astrologers in the world certified in the Venus Star Point cosmology, and loves sharing this framework with clients.

Venus Star Point

In this reading, you’ll discover how to live with greater purpose and joy. You’ll learn your five Venus Star Points (and which is primary), and whether you were born when Venus was a Morning Star Goddess or an Evening Star Goddess – two quite different energies to flavor who you are! This reading will  provide information on your natal chart and how the Venus Star works with your other astrological placements. The two-hour reading will also look at future activations to your personal Venus Star, and potential meanings and implications.

Venus Star Point for Two

The Venus Star Point offers many relationship insights by comparing one’s placements to another’s. There are several different “Star Pairings” between people: Karmic Stars, Twin Stars, and Creative Stars. This reading looks at your relationship’s dynamics based on your unique star points, and how they impact each other. Both people in the relationship need to be present for this reading, given the personal nature of the information shared.

Venus Star Point for Families, Groups, or Teams

Because the Venus Star Point gives key information about who we are and how we can activate our purpose, it’s incredibly valuable in understanding group dynamics. Readings will be priced based on the number of people in the family or group. Cara also offers workshops for teams.