Cara James

Cara James

Episode 006 | Astrology Week of December 6, 2020

By most accounts, 2020 has been a tough year. Join me this week to discuss various ways to work with the highs and lows of our charts, and the lessons the outer planets are here to teach us. We’ll look at the chart of Tony Hsieh, a tech innovator who passed away this week, and discuss our new “air” era with Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius. Don’t forget, a solar eclipse is coming Monday Dec 14th!


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Speaker 0 00:00:00 It’s a beautiful day in the universe. You’re listening to cosmically yours, a podcast with intuitive astrologer, Cara James. I’m glad you’re here. Not just listening in. I’m glad you’re here on the planet. The world needs you to claim your brilliance and in these weekly audio letters, I hope to inspire you to do just that.

Speaker 1 00:00:25 Sunday, December 6th, 2020, Dear Listener. How are you this fine Sunday, you’ve named it’s a bit cold and damp here in Portland. Uh, but I got out for a nice walk today. You know, it Sagittarius season and sashes love to be outdoors. So whether or not there’s a little bit of rain, we got to get out there and honor this season. So I hope, uh, hope everything is treating you well. The moon is in Virgo today, or has been since about noon Pacific standard time. And my husband has been cleaning up a storm. And you know, the funny thing is he doesn’t even really believe in astrology. You know, he hears all about it for me. He knows a lot about it, but you don’t have to believe in the planets to have them affect you. And sure enough moon in Virgo, he’s deep cleaning the stove he’s getting in all the little crooks and crannies.

Speaker 1 00:01:15 Um, just love seeing astrology at work. Um, even in the little, little tiny ways. Um, but here we are, you know, we’re, we’re in Sagittarius season. It’s a time that, you know, we think of being full of love and joy and abundance and gift-giving, but it’s also a time when we can feel a little bit more lonely. We may have, uh, be missing, loved ones who’ve passed away. Um, you know, or more acutely feel the people that normally would be nurturing us in our worlds, feel their absence, especially now with COVID. We may be far from the people that we want to see. And I’ve especially been thinking about this today because tomorrow is the anniversary of my grandmother’s passing. Um, she just was an absolute wonderful woman. I don’t think anyone had more fun than my grandma. She was a Leo with a Leo rising, uh, and she had her North node in the fifth house.

Speaker 1 00:02:12 I mean, that’s a lot of Leo type energy. She was all about play and adventure. And, um, you know, she lived in Africa in her sixties and I got to go and visit her when I was a young person and, um, was just really wonderful, inspiring person. One of the most generous people to that you could imagine. And, you know, when we have a loss like somebody so wonderful as that, uh, leaving our life, not only does it create a soft and tender spot in us, it actually also creates one in our astrological charts. And when the sun comes back around to the same point, it was at the time of that loss. We feel it again, we remember it in some way, even if we aren’t consciously thinking, um, that it’s that time of year, there’s a vibration reminds us. And that’s what came into my world today.

Speaker 1 00:03:02 And if this season holds some heartache for you or some disconnection or some loneliness, as we are want to feel, you know, just remember that you can only feel this way. You can only feel this pain because your heart has known the joy of connection of love of oneness. And even if some of that’s lacking in your life right now, or has been for some time, you know, it’s possible, it’s there for you. That urination is there for a reason. And one thing I just love about astrology is that it shows us how we learn and experience through opposites. You know, we see this with young children, we simultaneously teach what’s hot and cold because you need to know one to understand the other. And in the same way, every sign of the Zodiac has it’s opposite. They’re on opposite sides of the wheel from one another.

Speaker 1 00:03:55 And there’s a spectrum of experience that the signs represent. Now, the planets too, they each have a spectrum. They have a high side and a low side, high vibration, and a bit of a lower vibration. So when we come to difficult times in life, you know, astrology gives us a way to look at our experience from a few different angles. We can look at those painful times and find the higher vibration of the planets and the signs involved. And we can see a more full picture of whatever that thing is, um, in our lives, what it’s trying to teach us. And we can have a more full story for whatever it is that we’ve been telling ourselves. And this is why I believe astrology is the most healing tool we have on the planet. We can use these astrological symbols to see an honor the truth of our experience, and we can grow our awareness of what our challenges are here to show us.

Speaker 1 00:04:52 And we can even find solutions in the chart, uh, by intentionally leaning into the higher vibrations of these difficult placements. As we all have some in, in our charts or transits to our charts that can bring up difficult things in life. You know, we all have, we all have things that we’re going to go through. And some it’s true. Some have more challenges than others, but we all experience the planet, Jupiter, which can bring doubt, uh, and it can test our faith in ourselves and in life, our faith in life itself, you know, we all have a planet Saturn, which can bring restrictions and loneliness, but it can also teach us about our inner strength and our sovereignty as unique souls. And we all have Uranus which can bring surprises and sometimes unwanted change, very unexpected, quick, uh, sudden change. But Uranus is teaching us about freedom and how to be true to our individuality.

Speaker 1 00:05:46 We all have a Uranus and Neptune Neptune can bring deception and lack of clarity, but it’s also a planet that teaches us about trusting our intuition and helps us have compassion for other people for the human condition. And of course, Pluto has been one of the big players this year, um, with COVID and everything else we’re seeing in society. Pluto can bring some of the most potent changes of all. And it’s there to teach us that we are regenerative. We are not static. We are not one thing. One form. We are constantly growing and changing. So all of these planets, you know, we get to experience in different ways in our life and we can lean into different sides. We can wallow in some of the, and sometimes we need to wallow for a little while and some of the hard stuff, um, and really, you know, feel our feelings and really feel what that’s, um, what that’s like.

Speaker 1 00:06:43 Um, but we can also in time lean towards the higher sides and figure out how we can use these planets and their lessons to better ourselves, better humanity in some way. And you know, I’m curious what the planets have been teaching you this year. What are you noticing? What themes are coming up for you? Are you, you know, are you in the lower side of the vibration right now, which is okay, which is valid. Are you finding ways to pivot and stretch, um, stretch through the different archetypes of experience? Now, if you’re in your late twenties or late fifties, you’re in a time that’s known as the Saturn return. It’s when Saturn comes back to this sign and decree that it was when you were born, and those are just known to be difficult times. Saturn brings a lot of lessons around the structures of our lives and makes a pretty significant shifts or contributes to pretty significant shifts as we are moving on our path to being more true to ourselves.

Speaker 1 00:07:43 And this has been a really hard time if you’re in those agencies groups to have a Saturn return because Saturn’s has been hanging out with Pluto, another powerhouse planet. So it’s been a tough, tough time, um, for a lot of folks in those ages ranges, but I just want to assure you that it’s temporary, all things change, the difficult things, change, good things change, right? Nothing, nothing all stays, um, stays the same. And if you’re in one of those tough spots, now there’s a wonderful book by Pema Sharone called when things fall apart. It’s what got me through some difficult Saturn times myself. And it’s my number one, go-to, uh, for people who are in that place. And just to be able to remember that all is impermanent. Um, it just, uh, just gives us a little bit, um, a little bit more breathing room when things are tense and things are tight to remember that.

Speaker 1 00:08:41 So this was a really big week in the news. Um, you may have heard that Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos and online shoe company passed away at a very early age. He was just 46 years old. And you may remember it last week. I was sharing about how people who have a lot of fire energy in their charts were having an especially hard time this year being cooped up and cooped in. And we were looking towards the eclipses, um, one that we had last week, lunar eclipse, and a solar eclipse and Sagittarius that were going to impact fired people. Um, so this, apparently it was true for Tony too. He had many planets in Sagittarius and was having a hard time from what we can now now know in, um, in the news. So of course I wanted to pull up his chart and just get a better understanding, you know, w looking to leaders, um, leaders of our countries, um, leaders that we look up to in different ways.

Speaker 1 00:09:37 Um, it’s helpful to kind of get a sense of what’s happening in society. These are people that, um, you know, that take on a lot for the rest of us to be able to, to look to. And while we don’t have a birth time for Tony, um, we do have a birth date and I’m able to see a few things in his chart. And I just wanted to share, because it feels, it feels applicable to where we are right now. So when I look at, look at his chart, I mean, if you know his, his bio, I read the big Forbes article that was done on him a few days ago. Um, you know, he went to Harvard was a quick success in business, made, uh, millions upon millions in the tech industry. And, you know, we see in his chart, Mars was opposite Uranus

Speaker 1 00:10:23 This, this is a signature that made him a phenomenal tech leader, no doubt. Um, but it also is a signature that could make him rather impulsive and have his energy hard to contain. Um, so there’s many sides to the aspects like I was talking about earlier, his mercury was conjunct Neptune, so that can create an inspired envisionary person, right. Um, really creative ideas that can come forth from that. But it can also create a disconnect from reality or a desire to disconnect, which we’ve now learned that he was doing through drugs and alcohol. So there you have, again, the spectrum of a high side of, uh, of a planet combination, mercury Neptune, very visionary, but it can also, um, you know, when not, not being used well, um, can sink into a lower vibration of that thing. So we also see, you know, looking at his chart, um, Venus and Jupiter were in Aquarius sign of friendship and community.

Speaker 1 00:11:20 And we learned in his bio that he was building intentional community all around him, but unfortunately he didn’t surround himself with the right people. And when his mental health issues started to grow, he didn’t have the right people in his world to really, um, you know, help point him back in the right direction. So somebody with as much Sagittarius and Aquarian energy as he had in his chart would need a great deal of freedom and spaciousness. And in this time of containment, I suspect a lot of things were getting to him, um, you know, without it’s hard to get the full chart because without a time we can’t see his rising sign, we can’t see his mid-heaven or even his moon sign, um, from, you know, playing with the chart. I can see that he had a moon between either, you know, 20 degrees of cancer and between that and five degrees of Leo, but I’m assuming it wasn’t cancer. His mother, um, was apparently a social worker that would fit very well with moon and cancer. Our moon can describe some of the energies of our mother, um, and people who’ve had planets or who have planets right now in their natal chart in the late degrees of cancer have been having a harder time because Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto are all opposite than in a Capricorn. So I wouldn’t be surprised if he was going through a lot of tough times with the, the placements there.

Speaker 1 00:12:46 I suspect his moon was probably in, in late, um, late cancer. And you may remember how I’ve been talking about Mars and how Mars had been retrograde and then turned around a few weeks ago and started moving very, very slowly forward. And I said, Mars would be hanging out around 15 to 16 degrees of Aries for a while, which normally doesn’t do right. It’s normally kind of speeding along, but it’s almost like when you, you stop a ship and you gotta turn it around, it takes a while to go back through those waters and get some momentum going. So Mars has been hanging out, uh, at that spot for a while now, which is a really, you know, it could be really uncomfortable if you had a planet there in your chart. And we found in Tony’s chart that he had the asteroid Kyron, um, right.

Speaker 1 00:13:33 Uh, I believe 16 degrees of his natal chart. Now, if you’ve worked with your chart, you know, Kyron is an asteroid that relates to a personal wounding, um, that we’ve had often something from our childhood. So it could be, you know, challenges with parents. Um, it could be, you know, you might have it in a place of learning you may have had, um, you know, learning disabilities, things like that. We all have an area of wounding in some way. We might not always think of it in those terms, but a sensitive part, um, you know, since the part of our lives. And we don’t know what that meant for this man, but we know that Mars was poking in a very uncomfortable way, that sensitive part of his chart, that Kyron wound, um, straight up, no doubt, a great deal of pain in areas. Kyron can be, you know, am I good enough?

Speaker 1 00:14:23 And my man enough, a wounding from the father, perhaps a wounding from the masculine in his life. And, you know, in the coming days that the acuteness of that pain would have lessened, Mars would have moved on, he’d have more breathing room, may have had a longer, um, you know, longer challenge if Pluto was indeed across from his moon. But, you know, it’s, it’s clear, you know, when you look, look at the chart, this was someone in a great deal of pain. They’re still investigating his death, trying to understand if it was a suicide or, um, or something else. But, you know, if I just so wish people had, uh, you know, astrology was, um, you know, more commonplace and more understood because using this, we can see, we can see what the pain is about, what it’s asking us to lean into what it’s trying to show us, um, in some way, but we can also get a sense of when it’s going to ease up and, you know, it just, it’s a tragic way to, um, you know, to have gone the way he went, um, and credit great loss because, you know, he was so brilliant and prolific did business in really unusual ways.

Speaker 1 00:15:31 He would, um, famously pay people to leave his company because he’d only wanted people who were really dedicated to building it up. So did some really interesting things. Um, so it’s definitely a loss for the tech industry for him to be, um, to be gone. But I know there’s a lot we can, we can learn. And I suspect we’ll know more in the coming days about his story and perhaps others who struggle with, um, drugs and alcoholism will be helped in some way through his story coming out and about. Um, but this lunar eclipse that we had last week was, was in activation at the time that he passed. And again, as I said before, it can open up a bit of a portal energy, and his soul was ready, ready to go. Um, you know, when, when we use the planets, the way, the way they’re intended, right, we can really face our shadows.

Speaker 1 00:16:28 It’s not comfortable at all to do so, but we can look at those energies. We can work with those energies and we can transform them, transform ourselves by working with the vibrations of the planets. So I just want to share that with you. Um, you know, if you’re in a place that’s, that’s difficult right now, no, it’s temporary know that there are tools to help you shift, um, you know, shift, whatever it is, lean into, whatever it is. And eventually, you know, all things change, all things re resolve. So here we are, you know, Mars is moving forward again. Um, it’s almost like we’re back in the summertime, like late July, early August when everything was moving, you know, Mars is back at that same part of the sky, that same part of your chart. So you may have noticed if there was anything in your life, any projects that had been stalled, they may be back under way.

Speaker 1 00:17:25 Um, things are starting to move along and Saturn and Jupiter, have they been hanging out with Pluto for most of the year and they’ve just moved along and other they’re touring through the final degrees of Capricorn right now, they’ve got just about a week and a half in Capricorn, an earth sign, uh, left before they’re going to move into the air sign of Aquarius. So we’re in between worlds a way we’re preparing to leave behind the things of Capricorn Capricorn can represent the past the establishment, the, the ways that we know, and we’re preparing to move into Aquarius, which represents future innovation possibility. Have you ever done the StrengthsFinder test? You know, it’s pretty common in the workplace.

Speaker 3 00:18:12 They, uh, it’s a Gallup poll and they tell you your top five strengths. You take a little, you know, online quiz. Uh, one of my top strengths is futuristic thinking. Perhaps that’s no surprise considering I use the planets to help people think about the future. Um, but my husband is the exact opposite. One of his is called I think context. And it’s about learning from the past, no surprises for him either. He was a history major. So, you know, it will be taken, walks around inner Southeast Portland where we live and it’s a neighborhood that’s gone through a lot of change in the last few years. And so, you know, it’s not, not too uncommon to be walking past, you know, a warehouse it’s kind of broken down. And, um, clearly they’re going to be tearing down in some way or, you know, empty fields where there’s some kind of construction happening. And so when we’re walking around and we’re, we’re seeing these things, you know, he’ll stop and say, I wonder what this used to be.

Speaker 1 00:19:10 You know, what was this like a hundred years ago or, um, you know, 50 years ago. And I’m looking at the very same thing, but from a completely different perspective, I’m looking at this wondering, what’s going to be built here. What’s, what’s coming to this land and both perspectives are right and valid and helpful. But I see us in that space right now of kind of having one foot in the past and one foot in the future, as we’re straddling these final degrees of Capricorn and getting ready to move into Aquarius. So change is coming, right. We, we know change is inevitable. Change is coming. Uh, we’re moving into a new era and Saturn and Jupiter get together. They are conjuncture about every 20 years. Um, but you know, they’ve been meeting up in elements that are other than air for many hundreds of years.

Speaker 1 00:20:04 In fact, outside of a little blip in, uh, 1980, when they met up in the sign of Libra, they had not been in, they had not been together like fully, fully together in an air sign since the year 1345. So I said hundreds of years before and now I got the exact year, 1345, and this is a pretty dramatic shift. This is a generational type of thing, right? Where we’re now moving into a new era of these two power planets meeting up in air signs. And it’s a big shift to move from earth signs where they’ve been for the last few hundred years to air from something solid like earth to something like air from something that’s contained to something that moves like the wind from an element that value, stability and structure to an element that values freedom and change. Now, air energy may resonate with you.

Speaker 1 00:21:03 It does, for me, I’m mostly an air person. And if you don’t know what that means, you look to your chart and you have a lot of different planets and different signs. And sometimes you have a predominance of, of an element. Um, sometimes you have them spread out and you’re, you’re kind of more of a generalist learning about all the different, um, you know, elements. But if you’re more of an earth person, you may feel more comfortable with the times that we’ve been in. And this new, uh, shift into air may feel a little bit more unsettling because it’s something different and there’s a bit of an unpredictability with it as well. So this final chapter of 2020 is still exciting because we are moving into this new era of air. I will talk more about that in future episodes. And I’ll also be sharing some webinars with you soon where I do a full look at the year 2021.

Speaker 1 00:21:55 Um, but it’s an exciting final chapter. Um, we’ve got this potent eclipse happening in a little over a week. Um, we’ve got Saturn and Jupiter meeting up in Aquarius at zero degrees and Mars is moving along. He’s preparing to square the outer planets again. So there’s a little more, little more tension to comments like the final drama, um, you know, of the planets that were really strain up COVID um, so there’s more to come, but you have a lot of support. I, I was preparing for today and the message that kept coming up was you have a lot of support. There are guardians tending to your vision. I don’t know what that vision is, but I know if you’re listening to me now that you are a person of vision, that’s why you are here. There is something that is birthing in you, something that you are birthing into the world, and your guides are saying that you have support behind you that regardless of what you know, your vision to be, it may just be a little, a little blip of something.

Speaker 1 00:23:01 You’re not quite sure what it is, but that there are helpers tending to it in the background. I’m seen to it, that, that there’s form coming to this, um, to this little seed. And I said, see, this Virgo moon that we’re under today, this disseminating moon, we’re in the second half of the moon phase. So we have a waning Virgo, moon, um, emptying itself of the sun’s light, uh, as releasing the details, releasing the Virgo things, right. Um, as we get ready for a new cycle, that will start at the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius, uh, on Monday the 14th. So talk a little bit about the rest of this week though, and get you ready. Um, okay. Moon is in Virgo currently. It will be for all of the day to Morrow, um, tomorrow, Monday, December 7th. Um, let’s see, we’ve got, we’ve got, we’ve got a lot of creative ideas about how we can serve.

Speaker 1 00:24:06 We may not be able to articulate them yet. So that’s the, that’s the thing it’s like, we’re kind of losing some of the forms so that the form can come in more of an intuitive way. Um, the moon will move into its final quarter tomorrow around 4:30 PM and last quarter moons have a bit of tension to them, but we’re, we’re really assessing. We’re looking at what we have learned. Um, we’re preparing for time of rest and renewal before the new cycle. So there may be a little tension between the big picture and the detail. What do I want to do? What should I do? Um, as we’re seeking some resolution to the events of the last few weeks where we’ve had a lot of high energy, uh, the moon on Tuesday, we’ll, we’ll begin in Virgo, let me turn the page cheer. And, um, you know, there, there’s a lot of attending to details.

Speaker 1 00:24:59 Um, and you know, so you’re releasing, but you’re still attending, attending to some of them. Um, and there’s some really nice aspects on Tuesday between the moon Venus and the outer planets around 4:00 PM. The moon will move into Libra. We’ll be there all day on Wednesday. Um, it’s not really the best day Wednesday for, uh, for clarity. There may be a bit of confusion. Sun will be squaring Neptune, um, but it is a good day for talking about partnership. Uh, there’s some healing energy for relationships on Wednesday on Thursday, the moon will be in Libra. Um, it’ll get a little feisty in the morning, but you’ll probably be, probably be asleep it’s real early in the morning. Cause moon will make a UN hard aspect to Mars. And it’s got some tension with the outer planets on Thursday. So just know, um, some of that is going on in the heavens, but around 6:00 PM, the moon will move into Scorpio.

Speaker 1 00:25:54 And then the next day, Friday we’ll remain in Scorpio and we’ll be entering that balsamic phase, the balsamic phase at the last phase of the moon before the new moon. So it’s a time of rest and stillness and healing. It’s not the time to be amping up one’s energy and trying to go, go, go. Um, and because moon in Scorpio likes to go deep and is very reflective. You know, I’m really seeing the end of this week and weekend, uh, for those types of activities. So if that helps you plan your week, I hope so. And then on, um, Saturday, um, lots of feeling on Saturday afternoon, um, moon will be, uh, with Venus. So actually lots of loving feeling, lots of connection, um, that can come with moon in Scorpio intensity with, uh, Venus in Scorpio as well. And then the moon we’ll move into Sagittarius on Saturday night and we’ll stay there all day Sunday, and it’s preparing for the solar eclipse on Monday.

Speaker 1 00:26:55 So I’m kind of looking at that Sagittarius moon, like it’s like the moon moves into Sagittarius and I’m thinking of it as a person who knows that there’s a surprise party being thrown for them, but they’re just kind of waiting for everybody to yell, surprise, which will happen the next day. So next week, we’ll talk a little bit more about the eclipse or you can listen back to last week’s episode, where I went into a little bit more of the energies. Uh, I hope you have a beautiful week. Be sure to check out the night sky astrology is amazing, but we shouldn’t just be looking at it on paper and charts, uh, in computer screens. Um, actually look up at the sky. You can see astrology in action really well right now, if you have clear skies between now and December 21st, you’re going to be able to see Saturn and Jupiter are getting closer and closer together in the sky.

Speaker 1 00:27:47 Remember I said, they’re coming together. Um, they’re moving into the sign of Aquarius together and they’re actually going to appear as one star on the solstice. Um, you know, Jupiter’s really bright. Saturn is visible of course, too, but not as bright. So look for two, uh, bright specks in the sky. They are probably Saturn and Jupiter use one of those apps and check it out. And you’re not going to be able to see this for a heck of a long time. And actually you haven’t been able to see these planets get as close as they’re getting now since the year 1226. So it’s really quite a sight, quite a privilege to get to see them coming together. And as you are watching them every night, if you notice, you know, the next few weeks and want to kind of observe them, um, getting closer and closer, you can also be thinking about that little seed of a vision, something that’s building in you and imagining that coming into fruition as these two come together, because it is a potent energy. That’s awaiting us, um, in this sign of Aquarius and this air element to come. So, um, just wish upon a star observe, observe the heavens this week as you can. And I will talk to you next Sunday until then I remain, Cosmically Yours, Cara James

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